Polar Peonies, LLC

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Farm Fresh Peonies for your Summer Needs


Season Opening Specials!

First shipments expected out 2 July

200 stems Florist Delight (at least 5 varieties)

shipping included: $815 (4.075/stem)

100 stems Florist Delight (at least 3 varieties)

shipping included: $480 (4.800/stem)

Contact Carolyn at polarpeonies@gmail.com or 907-590-1707 to prebook a single shipment, set up a weekly or bi-weekly delivery, or be added to the weekly availability email list which goes out during the harvest period. 

Please remember we are 4 hours behind US East Coast Time so 8 a.m. in New York is 4 a.m. in Fairbanks. We do not anticipate holding any stems as we prefer to ship fresh rather than from storage - our blossom size is huge and we have a 7 day fresh guarantee.