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Contact us for pre-season specials for 
our 2019 farm fresh 
peony cut flowers to be shipped 
mid June through early September

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Polar Peonies, LLC

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Premier Peony Producer & Regional Packhouse 

We'd like to thank our buyers who have helped us grow our industry over the past seventeen years! As the oldest commercial peony farm in Alaska, we look forward to shipping quality, farm fresh peony stems to you in the 2019 season from mid June through early September.  

To be added to our weekly stems available list for updates during our harvest time, please email polarpeonies@gmail.com or use the form below.

Sales and Marketing - Carolyn at 
polarpeonies@gmail.com or 907-590-1707 

Field Production, Harvesting/Postharvesting - Jan at
polarpeonies@gmail.com or 907-378-9791

May 2019

Spring was here, and then gone, but we anticipate that it will show up again shortly! If you're planning your summer fresh flower needs, we would love to have you experience the 'wow' factor for yourself or your clients. Polar Peonies is excited to work with our local small farms, sharing what we've learned over the years, to insure the quality and consistency you've come to expect from us.

Our season is very short but the 24 hours of daylight and cool nights produce deep saturated hues, exceptional size and of course, straight from the farm freshness that only comes in a box of Alaska peonies. Reserve your stems today - whether you're a bride looking for your special day or a wholesaler needing a consistent supply all season long, our goal is that every box is only our best.